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Kewkradong Bangladesh celebrates LIVESTRONG Day—an annual global day of action to bring awareness to the global cancer crisis. October 2 marks the 14th anniversary of Lance Armstrong’s cancer diagnosis and the day he entered the cancer community. I am working as Co organizer. We believe in life. Your Life. We believe in every minute of it with every ounce of being, and that you must not let cancer take control of it. We believe in energy: channeled and fierce. We believe in focus: getting smart and living strong. Unity is strength. Knowledge is power. Attitude is everything. This is the Moto  [ Read More ]

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Biking in Bangladesh. Chobi Muntasir Mamun Imran/


Biking in Bangladesh. Chobi Muntasir Mamun Imran/ World Environment Day ...


Hillary Ride Organiz

Each year, 88km-a day long bi-cycle tribute ride for Sir ...

Local pub . New York . chobi © Muntasir Mamun Imran/ . 2011

(Paranoid) New York

We are paranoid! Even we don’t know why? –Louise, my ...

Chadar River. Chobi © Muntasir Mamun Imran/

Chadar - Frozen Rive

There are few if any adventure treks on our planet ...

Aloha Tower, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Aloha Tower, Honolul

The Aloha Tower is a lighthouse that is considered one of ...