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Chadar River. Chobi © Muntasir Mamun Imran/

There are few if any adventure treks on our planet to match the Chadar winter expedition for sheer, awe inspiring beauty and none to match it in terms of day to day challenge and excitement. Zanskar and Ladakh in the winter is challenge enough as the frost smoke wreathes the Indus. The Chadar a ‘veil’ for the snow that covers the river in winter, is one of the great adventures of the world. To penetrate the Zanskar gorges in winter is a serious undertaking and Zanskaris you meet en route inevitably look at you Greet with Juley and askance, and  [ Read More ]

Summit of Mt. Rubal Kang . Chobi© Muntasir Mamu Imran/ . 2007

Mountaineering is a new phenomenon in Bangladesh. At 2007, we are still in its infancy. The good thing is that over time, the idea of mountaineering has gained ground. In 2003 on the fiftieth anniversary of the conquest of Mt. Everest, Bangladesh cheered along with the world. At that time there was great jubilation among the small community of mountaineers and the public in general. It was possible, through that gesture, to indicate to the world that Bangladeshis too were drawn to the extreme sport called mountaineering. Initially we were focused on the Hill tracts of Bangladesh – Bandarban, to  [ Read More ]

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Mt. Everest from Kalapatthar © Muntasir Mamun Imran/ . 2003

Himalaya. The name itself explains lot about this colossus mountain range of the planet. All the madness, the exhilaration, the excitement and most importantly the spiritual fact; the name Himalaya puts these all in plain words. Home to some of the world’s most infamous mountains plus the highest peak of the world-Everest; Himalaya dwarfs   all the other mountain ranges by far. It is solitary in every sense. Since the dawn of discovery, the prodigy of Himalaya kept on growing till today. Mt. Everest has an undeniable ability to seduce explorers, travelers and climbers alike; with its breathtaking pose and supernatural  [ Read More ]

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Biking in Bangladesh. Chobi Muntasir Mamun Imran/


Biking in Bangladesh. Chobi Muntasir Mamun Imran/ World Environment Day ...


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Local pub . New York . chobi © Muntasir Mamun Imran/ . 2011

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Chadar River. Chobi © Muntasir Mamun Imran/

Chadar - Frozen Rive

There are few if any adventure treks on our planet ...

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Aloha Tower, Honolul

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