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ICC 2007 . Chobi © David Barikdar/

Only 4 person liked the idea , agreed to join in that program , cause cleaning our coast was quite an unorthodox invitation to all , I requested , placed my logic , No , dint get more than that four. It was the beginning story of today’s successful International Coastal Cleanup 2007 Bangladesh chapter. ICC is internationally organized all over world each and every year by The Ocean Conservancy. This event chinch the title of world’s largest and oldest voluntary activity where people will come , gather and try to collect marine debris around the shore. This is the  [ Read More ]

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Want to be one of us? Want experience to heal the longest sea beach of the world? Then be here now. This is an effort of some younger soul of Bangladesh to take an initiative to create public awareness. Try experiencing the longest sea beach of the world (92 km) in a different way. One day at beach can make us proud to do something good for the country. To be one of us just be here. We are registering now for the volunteer of International Coastal Cleanup Bangladesh 2007. International Coastal Cleanup event is internationally run by Ocean Conservancy  [ Read More ]

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Biking in Bangladesh. Chobi Muntasir Mamun Imran/


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